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Personally: I am married to a beautiful, loving wife Judy and have two great kids Jasmine and Robbie. I really love spending time with them. We live in a beautiful area of Carlsbad; a neighborhood surrounded by the beach and three parks. I love to surf, snowboard, grow spiritually, karate, gymnastics, eating healthy and stay in shape.

Professionally: I really like helping people. For the last 21 years I have helped over 565 families buy and sell homes all over North County.

What really makes me different is:

1) I ask thought provoking questions helping you to get really clear on your values. When your values are clear your choices are easy. You want to make good, easy, choices do you not?

2) I negotiate for you like I would for my family. When it is time to save you money or make you money, I am like a pit bull.

3) I oversee all the details of your transaction. Hundreds of phone calls and binding pieces of paper that require signatures. Mistakes can be very costly. Do you want a seasoned professional or a rookie?


I enjoy traveling, fitness, friends, meditating, investing, weblogs, surfing, time with family, eating healthy, spiritual growth, and I like good deals!